Monday, October 22, 2018

Your story

In all my recent cleaning, dumping, and organizing I have come to realize that if I want my family to know my story. I must write it. I must tell them what I felt was important and why.

Tell your story it is really all we are.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

One item a day challenge

My garage is huge...three cars, American sized, unnecessarily huge.  We have two cars and neither one fit. We have couches, chairs, and all kinds of this, and that in there. When I realize I might need something like, say a screwdriver, I have to skirt around and climb over. I have to backflip through and shimmy past. It's a bloody three car garage and there are only four of us!!!  The hubby has "cleaned" it many times. That involves moving it all out sweeping it and then moving 95% back in.

Four weeks ago I gave myself a challenge. One item a day must intentionally go. It must go into a second-hand box or into the trash. It cannot be a food wrapper or "daily garbage."

So far...
Three trips to the dump
Three full carloads... I mean I drive to work with the car loaded and my work bag on my lap so I can drop it off at the second-hand store after, and people!  I see the ground. I see the glorious grey floor of my garage which has not been seen since we moved in three years ago. Now I don't see the whole floor, I mean that would be crazy talk but I could pull my little Toyota in there if there was softball size hail. I can send the dogs out there when we have guests and Darwin is shadow hunting (pouncing at the shadows on the floor and walls like a maniac) I see the ground!

What did I find? When you find just one item you start to find a set. One shirt turns into 5.    One book turns into 10. One magazine turns into the pile. 

Take the challenge!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hooked rug

Many long years ago I started a project. I then had a baby and another. Then one day while out digging in our 3 car garage that doesn't house a car because it's so full I found... the project. After some youtube to remember how and some mistakes I started again. A little creativity everyday is all I ask. Today it was accomplished one strip at a time.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

A year

It's been a year since we lost my mom. Cancer is the hidden enemy.  Lost my dad to the same menace.  It's hard to fight an enemy you can't see.   Life is a river to fight is to swim up stream.  I choose to go with the current.  The lessons mom taught me was to love well, accept others, and to look for the best in every situation.  Of course the most important was to eat cake.  It was her final meal, white cake with raspberry filling, and buttercream frosting.  So in her memory we did a little baking ;) Cheers Mom and Dad.

A bag a week

My new years challange is a bag a week to the garbage or the second hand store. So far I am on track!

Saturday, January 7, 2017


I love that when I look in our messy hat bucket there are a few momma made hats and mother-in-law AND sister-in-law gifted ones.  Love from the needles.