Saturday, April 7, 2012

It came!

David got his IPad!
Sophia loves the drawing app as much as David does!

I love having this in the kitchen so I can look up recipes too!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Shamrock Run

A couple of weeks ago we did the Shamrock run.  Sophia did the Leprican Leap and I the 5k! I am in no way a runner but it was a kick in the pants running with so many people!

When she was done she wanted to run it again!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


I am so behind.  We had two very special birthdays!  Baba and Logan!

Yeah that's right I forgot to buy candles so there is Baba saving the day with invisible ones because don't you know 3 year olds know just how to blow out invisible candles.

Motorcycle cake!!

Sophia and Logan had this solid plan of buying plants for Baba and they picked out everything sooooo much fun!

What Sophia picked for Logan.

It was a really great day. 
Sophia "Mama I'm sad, because I don't get to share my birthday with anyone like Logan does."
That Logan is one lucky fella!
Happy Birthday Baba!
Happy Birthday my little 3 year old!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I love my kids!  I love their craziness if for no other reason is they are constant source of stories which I love to tell. 

Last Friday I hauled Logan in from the car after a long drive around.  A college age girl followed me in and told me that they were opening a new office in town and as a way to get business they were shampooing one room for free.  Would I like to have them do one.

First mistake...  I looked around our stairs are looking a bit shabby "Sure could you do the stairs?'

15 min later they showed up with unopened Kirby boxes.   woowoowoo Kirby boxes? 

4 hours later I finally had the girl packed up and waiting for her ride.   During the course of her demonstration she had asked me to pour baking soda on the carpet and then use my vacuum to clean it up.  She then showed me how much mine had missed by using hers.  Here is where my kids rock.
Standing in the doorway with her vacuum packed up  Logan swings his arm around and knocks over the entire baking soda box onto the carpet that she had just spent the last 4 hours cleaning.  She looked like she might actually cry.  I pushed her toward the door and pulled my own clearly inferior vacuum out to clean it up.  Good Night Kirby and no you may not clean my carpets for free!