Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sewing Sadness

Sew excited! ;) Got a free pattern from Sew Liberated.  Love her patterns! A Pilot cap.  So I sliced up one of my husbands old favorite shirts.
He was tickeled with the result as he has renamed the cap the wrestling cap. He was quite the wrestler in High School, 4th in State!

Turned out very cool.  Then the sadness.  TOOOOOOO SMALL!
Not even close to fitting over his big noggin! I had the same problem with the shirt pattern I got from her.  She writes an excellent pattern, lots of tips for peeps like me who are not seamstresses.  The patterns as super cute but they seem to not fit.  In this case I did check the measurement before I cut the pattern (Thanks Mary)  I also checked the fabric to make sure I got the type correct (again thanks Mary). 

Why 2 you ask? Well I don't sew until the kiddos are asleep and I was so excited how the first one turned out I just thought I would whip out a second. 

 I have two theories on this.  One the printing made them not stretchy enough or two I don't have the stretch running the right direction even though I did think I checked before I cut.  Either way I will be sewing up another one.  David's closet is getting smaller :) Meg is still awesome and I would still recommend checking out her book and blog.

On happy news spent time painting a birthday gift with Phia today.  She did AWESOME!  I did a little touch up (couldn't help myself I love to paint)

3 is amazing!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hanky dress!

I got two scarf dresses made last night!
A little too lightweight to be wearing now.  Easy to make.  I will be intersted to see how it washes.  The shape is a little blah.

Always on the go, but here is number 2.

This one I started a few weeks ago. Its got birds done by hand. It's not done.  I asked her to try it on before I finished it and she liked it so much she woouldn't take it off....that is until she got peanut butter all over the front.  Never washed anything I was in the middle of making. Kids...

Yes, Logan is half cut off but if you know my husband or I at all you will get the significance of this pic....Check out the tounges.  I am so proud :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

More Sewing!!

I spent last week cleaning my office so I could do some sewing! I haven't done much since Christmas. 
Sophia picked scarves for a dress at $1.00 a pop if the first one doesn't turn out we could always use them for what they were intended...snot

Then got a pattern for a wrap skirt by patchwork kids from the site a friend gave me some tips on modifications (Thanks Kerianne).  Made 2 in one night!
Best part check it out on the fly!
Logan got a hat with a rocket cuz we are star wars obsessed in these parts.  Pattern by Leila & Ben super cute and went together in a snap!
Can you say cutie??
I have already cut out the free Pilot Cap pattern and fabric from Sew Liberated.  I am a sewing machine! If only I could live without sleep!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Listen to the wisdom!

I am adding a second post today.  Just have to! 

Today we saw a woman holding a sign that said "Help just evicted family to feed. God Bless"
She looked like life had not been kind.  As she waved I saw her say whatever buddy to someone in a car behind us.  We were in the middle lane.  She continued to wave and smile.

Then I noticed Sophia in the back seat waving like mad.  The woman looked over gave her a genuine smile and waved back.

"Momma her name is Shelly.  She's my friend."
"Yep she sure was nice to wave." I said wondering where the name Shelly had come from.

As I drove through the light it hit me.  Phia sees no difference between this woman in need and the Tax people dressed in the Statue of Liberty costumes.  To her anyone with a smile and a wave is a friend.
Shouldn't we all look at the world this way.

My cup runneth over.

Do you ever have those moments where you just feel like you are bubbling with joy and luck?  This weekend was one of those for me.  The northwest when it's sunny is definitely heaven on earth.  Green and lush and budding.  I had an amazing family day yesterday. David had to work today but I had wonderful conversations with close friends and sometimes there is nothing better.  

So what's so great about today.  Well it started with a good belly laugh.  Phia tried to go head first over the railing and got stuck.  She wasn't too happy that I ran to get a picture before I helped her up but seriously funny.

She thought so too after I showed her the picture.

A close friend and I have kiddo's 2 months and 1 day apart. Her husband works Sunday's also so we get together and let the kids wear each other out.

The neighborhood park we went to sits next to a farm that has horses and Llama!

Does it get any better??
Why yes.  This very moment they are both asleep at the same time!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Day in Pictures

We were on the hunt for roving for inside a doll I plan to make for Logan.  Nope they didn't have any but the store was awesome.
Local Portland parks, amazing!
Yep blooming!
A nice couple gave us half a loaf of bread.  Geese, ducks and pigeons came in droves.

Warning kite flying can be dangerous!
A little face plant on the concrete :(

Friday, February 19, 2010

Ahhh Sunny Fridays

A trip to the park and a long walk for mamma!
Swings are magical!

Momma look I am walking on this stuff.

Hey what is this stuff?

Look.... YUMMMY
There is no next picture in this series, if there was it would have been Momma dropping the camera to grab his bark dust filled hand before it made contact with his little mouth.

"Look Mommy I don't need you to push Logan. I do it myself!" a few seconds later..."Momma help I'm stuck"
Ahhh sweet victory for mommy I am not obsolete.
We have entered a new phase in the drawing department.  Sophia is drawing people with features, this one is Daddy...Looks just like him right :)

The new thing is that she folds them to make them gifts.  Her folding technique is amazing to watch. Here is the finished product.

Kind of fancy huh!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Stepping out onto the ice.

The little observer
Independence (MY SELF)