Thursday, December 31, 2009


Mary my mother-in-law has a birthday on Christmas Eve.  She in her infinite wisdom loves it because family is always together to celebrate it.  What a wonderful spin on the traditional thinking. We celebrated with 5 different kinds of Carmel apples.  YUUUUUMMMMM!

Happy Birthday Mimi! We Love You!

Monday, December 28, 2009

More and More Home Made Hand Made gifts

As promised the final peek at the gifts I gave this year!

Skirt made for my mother-in-law  from pattern in "Alabama Chainin".  Lots of hand-stitching will definitely make one for myself.  Made with second hand shirts.

Crown and cape for the Queen.

Strawberry Shortcake hat and skirt.  Fabric for the skirt was in the scored stash from my co-worker friend who also sews.  Skirt from Olive Ann designs "The Lovable Bubble" and hat from Sew Baby, The Hat Shop "Newsboy"
Now I have had my wonderful mother-in-law here since Christmas eve and have cut out a pattern for a shirt and a small purse and have made an awesome skirt all for myself.  Payback for more long hours of gift making.  She has taught me how to fit a pattern, measure etc. so no more flub-ups I hope with my clothing making!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Gifts

Now that the Christmas is over I can report on some of the things I made I will have a follow up tomorrow with more.

Made for Great Grandma.  She is a letter writer.  Cards are made of Sophia's are work and paper gift tags are my handmade paper.  It's called a gratitude wrap pattern free from Soule Mama.

Shirt for my sister in law.  2nd hand shirt all hand sewn. From Alabama Chaining book.

Painting on fabric for my niece Daria. Made from a picture of her on her horse Taylor.  Directions from Anna Marie Horner on Martha Stewarts web site.

These are three scarfs made for my two aunts and mom.  The buttons are from my grandmothers stash.  I did a little embroidery on two of them and then some beading on the purple one.  They were fun.  I wouldn't mind making a few more.  Pattern from "Carefree Clothes for Girls"  Modified to make it larger.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Are you a true North Westerner??

We went to Peacock Lane 2 nights ago.  Last night was soccer and I bunged up my knee. Two hour dr. visit and X-Rays and I am happy to say it is only a small tear in the tissue that surrounds the knee cap.  Not to worry I will be up and crackin' in no time. 

Back to the topic Peacock Lane.  You can find more information at . It is lovely even on a rainy day.  Now you see my husband is a new transplant to the area but he is a good sport and willing to go along with my craziness.
David questioning my sanity.

Logan giggled the whole time.  Enjoyed pulling off his hat.

Phia wet and wonderful.  Rain doesn't phase her wonder.

Yep that's right track pants and sandles.  The sign of a true Washingtonian! (or a sleep deprived mom that has no sense)

He really did have a good time in the end. 

Wet and wonderful here is Washington/Oregon. 

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Festivities

I went to a splendid writing group party. Hosted by Pam. Each person brought book food. Food they had written about in their book. Mine well, I wrote a camp story so of course I brought PB&J. I know very low brow and you should have seen the wonderful food everyone else brought.


Pam's house was lovely all decorated for the holidays. 

Friday the kids and I did some shopping for David.  Went to four stores and ended up buying what we wanted at the store just around the corner from home. Go Figure.  Not easy dragging around two kids.  Thanks goodness I am not a single mom. Wow so much respect for those going it on their own!

Saturday went to Kerianne's Christmas Party
It is always fun. She sets the kids up downstairs and hired two babysitters to watch them.  The food is always great.  I never feel there is enough time to chat with everyone and with two little ones we are kinda tied to our bedtimes.  Here is our picture in our fancy clothes :)

Phia's dress was made by Mary my mother-in-law sewer extraordinaire.  I know it's amazing.  She made it for her last year a little too big this year it fits her perfect.  The absolute cutest thing in the world.  Kai her best buddy greeted us at the door and said wow Phia pretty dress.  He is almost three.  Then went to get his mom and signed beautiful Phia.  It was so stinking adorable!!
So there is more to tell but will have to wait til tomorrow. 

Holiday Festivities

Went to a splendid writing group party. Hosted by Pam each person brought book food. Food they had written about in their book. Mine well, I wrote a camp story so of course I brought PB&J. I know very low brow and you should have seen the wonderful food everyone else brought.
Well The pictures won't load so I guess you will be in suspense one more night.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sewing and Random Business

Sorry I have been absent I have been busy doing this...

And this

And this is David trying to help do this

Do you think she can figure out what it is?

We have also moved to the next phase of almost toddler watch this
he is only 9 months old (input weeping here)

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Festivities

Twas the night of wrapping and all through the house the tape was sticking to everything in the house.

We did a bit of wrapping so we can send off our last two boxes.  I still have gifts to make but my plan today is to wrap everything we have so far including our daughters gifts. 

My biggest goal is to be in bed by 9:00!  I know what a life.

Wrap wrap wrap and tape tape tape!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Memory Book

At my recent candy making marathon where we made these...

Which I took to work today and they miraculously disappeared so I don't have to eat them.
Maggie our fearless leader gave us each a memory book of our adventures that began in 2002.
You must know also that Maggie is a scraper extraordinaire and my pictures are terrible and don't show how amazingly awesome it is in person but here goes.

The Great Candy-Making Extravaganza

Christiane, Maggie, Me and Gini with the nut clusters recipe below.

Jo holding a one month old sleeping Phia.

Before marriage and kids look how thin I was. Ha a lot has changed in 6 years I guess this is going to be my goal picture :0

I LOVE this pic.  Here is Christiane, always a kick in the pants.  Check out the Grinch shirt! She is a superstar caught in the act eating a spoonful of something nummy!

This book is seriously a trip down memory lane of the best kind. It has absolutely foolproof recipes. Especially if I can make them with a minimum of incident. 
We do yearly burn a batch of dipping chocolate, ruin some Almond Rocha, and we have all but given up making divinity (Gini does it) but we always have a mighty good time and we leave with more goodies then you can shake a stick at.  Thanks Maggie for corralling us yearly and Gini for hosting us and buying all the supplies. A yearly tradition that I truly enjoy! (after the sugar headache subsides)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sewing/ Crafting

Missed two days.  One day  went to the dog park with friends.

Had a lot of this kind of craziness.

Then I had soccer last night and the family came to watch.  Was nice to have them there though it does take much longer to get ready when they come along.  Worth the added effort though unexpected.

Today was my personal day off.  Had to be used before January hence the odd Tuesday.  Was wonderful.  Took Phia to preschool did our Santa Christmas Shopping for her.  When I picked her up she gave me this. (insert aww here)

I am making almost all the other gifts which is working out well on our finances.  I just hope the recipients enjoy the gifts.  In that vein I spent a good amount of time making this

and this

from this

And then got some library books I am drooling over...

Then I got this.. Can I say I am just a little overwhelmed with ideas?   Sorry for the glare on the books I must learn how to link.  Will be my December goal for the blog.