Wednesday, March 31, 2010

8 & 9 of 48

Two bags for the kiddo's for Easter!  They will then be thier library book bags.

Both out of brown wool thrifted for $2.00, other fabirc was passed on from my mother in law and a friend from work.  Pattern from "Sew Liberated" I used what buttons I had and got ribbon from my friend Kerianne.  I still need to do a little hand stitching on the inside but I will get it done tonight.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break and Raining

Well here we are Spring Break and the Weather is pitiful so what to do?


Yep look Wanky, but oh my are they delish!  My new best friend has been since Christmas "Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day"  LOVE THIS BOOK.  One small tip these were way too big.  They say small peach I think but I went Fuji apple LOL.

Since I have had a few days now to get on track around the house (still dealing with Mount Washmore) I watched Food Inc.and saw Jamie Olivers Food Revolution on TV.  I bought his book  which looks great but has a lot of meat dishes. I read "Disease-Proof Your Child, Feeding Kids Right" and we went on a family field trip to Bob's Red Mill to see how they make flour.

So what does all this mean?  I am scared to death about what we eat!  We had to hit the grocery store today and with next to nothing in the bank and no income coming in for David this week, I was very careful not to overspend.  We shall see how I did over the course of the week.  Being at home this week sure makes it easier to get a good home cooked meal on the table and I want to try some new recipes I just really need to get my organizational skills on track for food.  Weekly menu, shopping lists healthy habits for the kids etc.

Monday, March 29, 2010

6 & 7 of 48

Head scarf for Phia from "Carefree Clothes for Girls" super easy, very cute!

Skirt for me from A pattern a friend (Kerianne of  ETSY TitaniaBlossoms) made up based on some other skirts.  Very forgiving!

I used all Linen scraps I had from a trip to SCRAPS in Portland many moons ago.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

3, 4 and 5 of 48

Ok so here they are!  The first a jacket out of fab orange cord for Logan.  Problem, 2T almost fits Sophia so he won't be wearing it for awhile!

Then I made these arm warmers out of socks.  Sophia wore them 4 days straight.  I  need to fix the seam didn't hold up well.

The next is a pair of chaps.  Wow they were interesting to make, typical of my costume making, no pattern just cut and go.  Her is the link to see the costume in action.  The chubby character is Library Libby she brings a friend along to read with her in the Library.  There is no sound as I work at a Deaf school so don't adjust your set :)

Today I got patterns ready for a couple more and I am on spring break so we shall see if I actual sew or just play. 

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I have a daughter... She loves to twirl... morning noon and night
The place? makes no difference
The time? any
The clothes? ImPoRtAnT a twirly dress of skirt that flies.
Get out there and twirl it's good for the soul and well, just plain fun!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Day in Pictures

Oh how I love my saturday's.  Always a family day, the only day David and I are off at the same time.  Today we did a little second hand shopping and got... oh my, a little drum set for the kids $8.00.

Then we went hiking around Battle Ground Lake.  Amazing!  Phia walked the whole way and even touched a slug!

Beauty like that! Leads to this!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

1 and 2 of 48

So after looking through and being discusted, thrilled and inspired by this
My piles, stacks and bins full of fabric wonderful fabric.  I currently have to keep them in the garage hence the ugly bins.  I started to think, well if I made 1 project a week I would bust through a ton of that lovely stuff in a year.  Then maybe I could shop and be gifted more.  So after doing the math 48 projects would fullfill my quest.  I do need to make two quilts for the kids and those will take me definately longer then one week so this is a give or take dealio.  In an effort not to procrastinate until the end I made 2 this week.

Hat with the Leila & Ben pattern that I made a hat for Logan out of. Love this pattern! EASY and CUTE! The front is a bird using the lining fabric.

Then this

This was a series of 6 fabric swatches that I got at a place in Portland called SCRAPS.  I got 3 huge bags full of different ones for like $5.00 way back when.  So this was a series all the same except color.  I was hoping for another row of ruffles but believe it or not I didn't have enough.  Sooooo exciting to watch the little itty bitty serger scraps go in the trash.  The end of a little pile of fabric.  Sophia loves it.  Wore it to preschool today.  No pattern just cut it up using the size I had. 

so 2 down 46 to go!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Don't you love to get mail!  I love mail.  I am the worst abotu sending it but when I get it I LoVe on it.  Read it a few times keep it for a good long time in a special box.  So anyway with Logan's birthday we got a box from my Aunt Becky and Uncle Rich. (Yep the ones that gave me the continually refilled Starbucks card, feel the love)  They sent all sorts of little goodies.  Gummy bears for David (his fav) Licorace for me (my fav) a sweet hello Kitty lunch box for Sophia who actually wanted me to pack her dinner in it.  Then a Longenberger basket for Logan super sweet.
Yes that is the biggest gummy bear I have ever seen in the basket.  His sister is dying to get her hands on it.
The boy however was more interested in this.

He loved pulling all the stuff out and actually did help unwrap but then got sidetracked filling and unfilling the box with the paper. This, of course just after he emptied one of the cabnets.  Seems he loves mail as much as his Mama!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Busy busy! 
I finished the Pilot Cap from Sew Liberated- we call it the wrestling cap.
Check out the double chins on the babe! LOVE THEM!

We did a little climbing
Dress up

Then there was this...

Well you know you got a good Mama bag when your three year old fits in it and...

your one year old can drag her in it.

Off to the park.  I do love my parks. This is on the Columbia River.

Phia did this...

While Logan did this.

Then we went home.
While they napped ... well Logan did and Sophia fooled around.  I pulled out my fabric.  Ok I have like 8 bins full now.  I know discusting and wonderful all at the same time. 
So I decided if I sew one thing a week for the year I could theoretically make 48 things and burn through my lovely stash.  SOOOO I cut out 2 today.  Here is really what sits on my island.

My favorite thing on it though is the birthday gift from my aunt and uncle that keeps on giving!

They gave me a gift card for my birthday in Novemeber and they thankfully keep refilling it.  AHHHH a hot cuppa joe or today Chai on a Sunday sinfully wonderful!
Then we rounded out the day with some animal races, and yes they are cheering them on.  I have no idea where this came from but is was good for a hard belly laugh and you gotta have one of those daily! Check out blue in the background he looks annoyed and possessed!

Finally Phia ended with a creation while I cut out my two patterns! You can't tell but she has a ton of tape on there and was happily busy the entire time I cut.  Three is amazing!