Friday, April 30, 2010


The final crack.  David's Grandma Gibbs passed away on Thursday.  She had a broken heart and has now left us with one. 

She was a lovely woman.  Kind, compassionate, and unshakable.  She went out the way she wanted to, in her own home overlooking lake Michigan with her family present.  She was a wonderful artist who shared her skills with David as a child.

We wish her well in her travels and are so thankful that she touched our lives.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Breakage :(

So just when you think it's over...

Broken tooth = emergency root canal $150.00  (poor David)
Car repair= $1156.00

Just when you think your Cheery disposition is going to take a nose dive into the toilet...

Guess what?


Life still rocks and you can't change that!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Breakage :(

You ever have those times when everything around you seems to be breaking? We are there:
Garage door opener -opens randomly not sure what's the deal fix? Unplug :)
Dryer handle- fix? use pliers
Big Flat screen TV- Fix? Move it into the garage put the small bedroom one in the giant hole watch less TV
Refrigerator door - squeaks and groans when you open it- keep the food in it and not in me :)
Car Prius- spend $75.00 on towing $95.00 on a diagnostic and spend the night Praying hard that it is either a loose cable or you win the lottery because you actual bought a ticket this time.

See for every problem there is a simple solution!

These are the facts.

I have an adoring husband.

I have two fabulous kids, a girl and a boy.

Amazingly wonderful friends who listen, advise and tell me to breathe and pay attention to my feet.

A warm comfortable house.

A old dog who still loves us even though he has to put up with the baby.

A mom who drives an hour every Friday to watch our kids and brings me and my husband fab lunches.

In-laws that I truly think are the bees knees

GAB and GUR who treat me weekly to a coffee.

Food in the fridge.

A brain that thinks, a body that moves, and more ideas of how to spend my time then I will ever have time to spend.

Life with the broken things only makes it a bit more interesting. So today I say here here to the broken things life still rocks and you can't change that.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Happs

Yesterday it was either hailing, pouring down rain or sunny.  STRANGE!
Helping momma weed.

Building a town in our dirty wet sandy patio.

"Momma I made pants for Logan." Could I be any prouder!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

11 of 48

Apron from Carefree Clothes for Girls easy pattern make sure you add seam allowances they are not included in pattern... can you tell I didn't WINK!

Got an amazing idea for a story today so off I go to write!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

8 ,9 and 10 of 48

So I am not sure if I should technically count these because they didn't come from my stash, they are clothes I was getting ready to second hand for one reason or another and decided hey why not sew with them.

I need to add a ruffle on the bottom of this one, it's a little too short.

I added a metalic iron on to this, would not do it again the wings didn't transfer well.
The other main decision I made was if I do this again I would only use "used fabric for sleeves and ruffles.  The bottom green one is ok because the knit is heavy but the top two were to flimsy to make them keep their shape after wearing them all day. They look cute on and she loves them so it's all good.

The second thing is.....
Friend from work is getting ready to move and gave me two HUGE bags of fabric that she has decided to part with. 
This is just a small sample of what I got.  Some nice wools and quilted asian fabrics.  I have a fab kids apron cut out for Phia planning on doing a little something special on the pocket tonight hope to finish it this weekend. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Smothie Challange

I asked David what he would be most embarrased about if we had like secret footage of our family. (LOL ok now you know what kind of wierdo I am that I ask my poor spouse these types of questions) Anyway my answer was what I feed our family. Now in my defense we are not TERRIBLE but we do like our goodies. We also do a lot of prepackaged kids snacks (some ok, fruit leather other granola bars not so ok) I have spent the last few weeks ODing on books and movies making my head spin about proper nutrician.

Sophia, Logan and I always do a smoothie on Sunday’s kind of our thing. On the internet I went, so Phia could see what other people were putting in their smoothies. This stuff gets her motivated. I happened across this web site.

Yeah a challenge! I actually made my smoothie Green with frozen spinach (fresh is better but it's what I had) Sophia’s was peach, no green yet, but she gave mine a taste and liked it so maybe next time.

Happy Foody's challenge is...

• Drink at least 16 oz. of green smoothie per day (a quart would be even better!)

• Do some sort of activity every day. This could be an intense workout, or just dancing with your kids around the living room. It could be a 15 minute yoga session or a walk around the block.

• Add a green leafy salad to your lunch or supper (with light dressing…stay away from the creamier sauces).

• Stop drinking pop.

• Cut out all white sugar. (This one is the kicker for me but for 30 days I think I can make a stab at it!)

Anyone out there willing to give it a go??

I also went to natures and bought some snacks for the kids that I can feel good about.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Good Things

What a day, back to work full tilt! Busy Busy! I made a costume late into the night, last night, for a celebration at work tommorrow.  I will get a pic of the costume to post.  It's Max from"Where the Wild Things Are" and wow I thought it would be simple but it took a lot to get the pieces right! Ears, Tail and crown!

The best most amazing thing that happened to day is my good friend Christiane just popped in to see me at work on her way to a gig.  It is always and was simply wonderful to see her for a quick gab. She even brought me a cuppa joe which I so badly needed!
I enjoyed that drink for my final two hours at work and felt a tiny bit sad when I tossed it in the can on my way out!

Ahhh makes the rain ok when you have a good coffee! (have I mentioned I have been trying to cut back on my coffee intake? Yeah not really working LOL not sure I really want to.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter in Pictures

David works tommorrow so we celebrated today!  Went to my mom's place for some amazing food!  Here are the days events.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Bunny? Nope!

So off we went for our outing to the carosel today.  I would have pictures but as luck would have it the batteries were dead. whoops.

As we finished our spin about we notice the Easter bunny making his way through the mall.  Oh the excitement.  Sophia was thrilled we ran yes ran to meet him.  In her usual fashion she got a tiny bit nervous when we reached our destination.  Low and behold she gave him a high five and was smiling the whole time.  Logan did not however like the giant sized furry creater and burrowed his head into Daddy's shoulder and looked as though he might have a good scream.

As we walked to the car Sophia said "Momma, that's not the Easter bunny."
"Yeah that's silly that's a man in material." (WOW mom obviously sews)
"Yeah you know like on Halloween when I dressed up as Jessie but I wasn't really Jessie?  That's what that guy is doing he isn't real."
"Oh you mean it was a man in a costume?"
"Yeah a man in a bunny costume... What a silly man. The real Easter bunny is coming tommorrow."

Lord, at three she figures out some dude is wearing a bunny costume????